Sebastian joins the party

Hello world! My name is Sebastian and I am 22-year old History graduate living in Hove, East Sussex, the southernmost of the three men on this blog. I work part-time for my father's accountancy firm, but am very eager to spread my wings and leave the nest sooner or later, lest my feathers become all crumpled from being sat on all day.

I got to know Tom and Daniel during my time at university. In fact, I met Tom through Daniel back in 2008 at a Student Union pub at Warwick, our first discussion centring around an empty beer glass - we wished to know whether its circumference was greater than its height. Though I do not recall what the result of our investigation was, I'm glad to say that there have been many, if rather less important, discussions since.

I met Daniel by pure chance: through the lottery of accommodation allocation in our first year in halls - he was in the kitchen block next to my kitchen block. As with Tom, I have had many great discussions with Daniel in a comfortably wide range of subjects, and some special culinary experiences, such as having takeaway fried chicken in a university concourse at 4am during an all-nighter.

I have also enjoyed a small role in Daniel and Tom's Radio Warwick endeavours, having occasionally provided short scripts, Yorkshire accents, or just my presence. In hindsight I wish I had involved myself more, because Student Radio really is a lot of fun, especially when done by these guys.

My main interests (ergo, the things I shall be writing about) are history, politics, human nature and poker. However, I'm a fairly post-modern sort of guy and so I almost go out of my way to make sure my blog doesn't have a particular theme, or a particular angle, so I end up writing about more or less anything that is on my mind. My only real rule is not to be too self-indulgent, populist or emotional in my writing, and not to be artificially slack with grammar or prose.

I'll be simultaneously be keeping up my old blog while posting on here. As yet I'm not sure how things will work out - whether I'll post as much there as I'll be posting here, or whether I'll sort of treat them as two seperate blog-organs. I think I'll just have to play it by ear.

And yes, I do use italics rather a lot.



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