Daniel turns up late (as usual)

As is usual with these things, Tom and Seb are way ahead of the game and I'm the last to turn up with this particular activity. Those who went to university with me will be used to me turning up late to everything, whether it's lectures or meetings or rehearsals, or even on one occasion my radio show (Tom still hasn't forgiven me). Well rest assured, since I have graduated nothing has changed, save in my determination to turn up on time, on the grounds that losing one's livelihood is far more threatening than missing a lecture (no matter how serious I used to take them).

So, having wasted so much time apologising, as we British as wont to do, allow me to introduce myself. I am Daniel Mumby, I'm 22 years old and live in Lesbury, a small village in Northumberland. This makes me the most northern of the three contributors, which is ironic since I was born in Reading. And no, my village has nothing to do with women who swing the other way.

As has probably become clear to you by now, I met Tom and Seb at Warwick University, where I graduated in History and Politics around this time last year. I met Seb as a result of living on the same floor. I remember going on the Freshers' Bar Tour together (the only bit of the Freshers' Bar Tour I do remember) and we frequently ran into each other our time together as a result of shared lectures.

I met Tom under more artistic circumstances on the set of Endorian Dreams, a peculiar little student-written play from May 2007. I was a big supporting role as a thick Yorkshireman and he was a protestor who got shot. I remember meeting him during rehearsals and us arguing almost immediately. In 2008 he was a frequent guest on my radio show, The Dark Side of the Mumby, and later that year we teamed up to create Mumbling On and its comedy counterparts, The Yesterday Show and The Adventures of Battenberg and Schnepps (more on that later).

My role on the blog will be more cultural than the others. I do have an interest in political, historical and religious goings-on, but I find it difficult to write to length on these without getting annoyed. Hence most of my blog posts will be about plays, films, music, radio and occassionally TV and books.

I love film and theatre, having been an actor since the age of 6 and been obsessed with film since someone had the bright idea of showing me Blade Runner. I see films on a frequent basis, and post my reviews both on my Facebook profile and my profile on Rotten Tomatoes. I also write theatre reviews for the Northumberland Gazette on an occasional basis. Rest assured, though, I am not just going to be using this blog as a means to advertise my existing output. My work on here will be more wide-ranging than just reviews.

I am still plodding on with my other blog, There Are Only Two Kinds Of People, in which I began a rundown ages ago of my Top 100 Albums of All Time. The rundown has taken longer than expected, and is outdated to an extent anyway, so once I finally finish that the blog will probably be mothballed. Check that out if you're interested in some of my earlier work, but for now this is the main blog to which I shall be contributing.

Well, that's me in a nutshell (or should that be a blogshell?). My first posts will be coming soon, hope you enjoy them and feel free to comment!



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