About the blog

The thinking person's nutcase. Expect film and theatre reviews, news on my radio show Mix and Match with Mumby, my thoughts on various things musical and the odd injection of history, politics and philosophy. My aim is to be heavy, thought-provoking and funny too. Or is that pushing it?

Keen observer of all things worth observing. Expect a good mix of topical posts, (on politics, history) travel reports, (mainly London, sometimes more exotic locations) book reviews and the occasional life-update or project announcement. My aim is to be heavy but hopefully not too thought-provoking.

Resident musician, libertarian and contrarian. Watch out for my posts on the musical escapades of Cosmo Duff Gordon (the "band" of mine and Daniel's), reviews of the latest albums to grace my ears as well as my musings on life, the universe and politics. My aim is to be thought-provoking but hopefully not too heavy.