Welcome from Tom

Hey! Cheers for visiting the brand new blog of mine, Daniel's and Sebastian's. We decided to combine our independent sporadic blogging efforts into an epic, awe-inspiring leviathan of a blog... Well, as they say, aim for the stars and you may just about hit Scunthorpe.

Okay... we don't plan to be the best blog in the world, but we plan to bring you interesting titbits on almost everything, from music to film, to poker, politics, philosophy and anything else that's going on in our lives. Our tastes may differ (slightly), but they will hopefully complement each other to provide a well-rounded run-through of the best elements worth commenting about in modern-day culture. In particular, I will focus on the old and new music I discover in my travels, detailing the music I make (with Daniel on drums) under the moniker Cosmo Duff Gordon and the occasional foray into political issues of the day.

Oh, and we'll probably use the blog to keep each other informed of what we're up to. Don't worry, we don't watch paint dry for a living so I'm sure there'll be interesting stuff!

So, in short, if you wish to gain an inkling more knowledge about this mysterious world and it's most entertaining contents please stay tuned, favourite us and come back soon.



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