Various Theatre-Related Announcements

When I began this section of our blog, I promised you some of my theatre reviews and thoughts on the medium. It's now late-August and I have so far failed miserably to deliver on that promise.

Never fear, though, for I intend to put that to rights. My latest review for the Northumberland Gazette - for which I write on an ad hoc (i.e. mostly unpaid) basis - will be coming out on Thursday, and so I will reprint my thoughts on Noises Off on this blog. From then on you'll get one of my old reviews every week, probably on a Friday when I don't have much to do.

There will also be a post on the Mumbys, a (slightly) tongue-in-cheek awards ceremony I created in January to informally honour the individuals who had made my year special from a dramatic point of view (click here to see the results from the 2010 Mumbys). Rather than begin to build up the nominees in each category, I'll take each production I've seen in turn and speculate as to what they might get nominated for (nothing will be formally assessed until the Alnwick Playhouse closes at the end of December).

So, in addition to my film reviews, radio show and recording duties, y2ou can now catch my thoughts on the theatre.

Oh, and there'll also be a post along almost immediately about the latest production I'm in with Warkworth Drama Group. Well, I had to get it in somewhere.

Daniel x


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