The first adventure of Battenberg & Schnepps

A month ago we treated you to Battenberg & Schnepps: Murder on the Titanic, the latest radio adventure of our two Germanic time-travelling heroes.

As we mentally prepare to bring about a third in the eventual trilogy, we thought that now would be a good time to put up the original adventure for your enjoyment.

Join Battenberg & Schnepps starting in 1974 as they embark on the quest for the Brown Ruby of Mesopotamia. Things will soon go wrong...

Download/Stream here:
Battenberg & Schnepps: The Case of the Brown Ruby

(p.s. Thanks to Ling Zhuang for the Battenberg Fan art!)


Daniel Mumby said...

Can I second the plaudits for Ling's art? Looks great - has she got one for Schnepps as well?

Tom Wales said...

Alas, Schnepps will be making an appearance later... ;)

Daniel Mumby said...

How soon is later?

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