As promised - Out of Place!

Finally, slightly delayed due to a slow computer, Out of Place is mixed, mastered and ready for release in mp3 format!* In the making since October 2008, I'm glad to finally get it out there. Send me a message via facebook (or the comments) to tell me what you think of it.

Click here to download the whole album in one easy zip file (recommended, as a number of the songs segue into one another).

Or, right click the links below to download the songs individually.

1. What I learned by rote
2. Do me like that

3. Mountains outta' molehills

4. Uncanny Valley
5. What goes around

6. Down below
7. Sometimes
8. No longer playing the fool
9. Walk away
10. Little more
11. Sometimes (reprise)
12. In another life
13. Square one

Last, but not least, here is the final album artwork for both the front and the back.



Once again, loads of thanks to Daniel for providing the incredible drumming and stay tuned for music from Cosmo Duff Gordon in the future.

*CDs will also be available soon. Enquire within.


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